Address Diversity and Inclusion Through Mindfulness shows how creating safe and supportive environments helps bring everyone and everyone’s ideas to the table.

Mindful Leaders and Organizations outlines steps leaders can take to transform organizations into true high performance settings where everyone thrives.

Self-Acceptance is a powerful tool for leadership growth and performance.

The Chairman’s Job– Ensuring the CEO’s Success is an article about how Chairmen can go beyond holding CEOs accountable to coaching, mentoring and supporting them so they grow with their companies.

MindShifting to Mindful Coaching is an article describing how the benefits of focusing attention go beyond resilience to performance.  Reflection and mindful attention enhance thinking, learning and leading.

Clear Your Head to Think Strategically is an HBR blog that shows how leaders can learn to think strategically and chart a compelling vision.

Develop Executive Presence is an HBR blog showing how you can command attention from colleagues in order to influence more effectively.